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Super happy with the quality of care here.Dr. Eiri is the best!  She is super caring and was really thorough with my dog Cheese.  We first came here because our dog stopped eating and began vomiting for a couple of days.  Dr. Eiri made sure to do a complete screening and got Cheese back to feeling better.  She also gave us a few tips on what foods to avoid for our puppy... sorry Cheese, no more fried chicken for you!  My dog was feeling much better after a week and back to jumping on all the couches. I also recently had Cheese spayed here just a week ago and I am surprised at how fast she has recovered. We live near UTC area and will drive down to El Cajon because quality and service is A+.

Shane C. 

San Diego, CA

Dr. Judy and Dr. Eiri make a great team.  They have always been there for me when I needed them with profound care and professionalism and skill.  They even cured a chronic ear problem that other vets failed with.  He had a innovative approach to using antibiotics, was amazing.  I would whole heatedly recommend Judy Vet Clinic.

Kevin E. 

San Diego, CA

I don't like having to take our pets to the vet but I do love Dr. Judy's vet. Dr Judy himself was great, he's retired now. Dr. Eiri who has taken over is amazing! I recently had to bring my old lady cat in several times for health issues and she took great care of her. All her recommended services were smart and respectful of her age and our limited finances.  Everyone from the vet technicians to front desk is great!

Ostrich B. 

Kearny Mesa, San Diego, CA

I went to Judy's Clinic this past week. I had been looking around for a new vet because I did not like my old one. 

If I could give him 10 stars I would! He is amazing! I am currently having to retrain my dog (he doesn't do well with strangers and new environments) so I was really nervous taking him... however It was something that needed to be done. When I took him in... his staff was very accommodating and very helpful!

He was also very helpful! handled my dog with lots of love and care... and during our conversation, I could tell that he truly cared about the well being of my dog in an authentic way that touched my heart! 

If you have a difficult dog and are worried about where you take him, Judy's clinic is the place to go! Not only will he care for your dog but he will also provide you with suggestions and help in trying to better your relationship with your dog :) keep up the great work! :)

Robbie D. 

El Cajon, CA

Dr. Judy was my vet until he retired. I now am seeing Dr. Eiri and am pleased with her. Everyone at the clinic is nice but I especially like Shannon the receptionist. She is very friendly and when I go there, she is the one I usually deal with.


El Cajon, CA

I've been bringing my 2 cats here for the past 5 or 6 years. Always good service, and I love that they call to ask how the medications are working for your pets. When you walk in there's usually a parrot on it's perch behind the counter and a sleeping kitty in a basket on top of the counter who is very friendly.

Angel G. 

El Cajon, CA

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