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When looking for a veterinary care clinic you should be able to count on excellent care and service for you furry friends and family. We at Judy Veterinary Clinic have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible care for your pets.

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DVM, Owner

Dr. Eiri has been a part of the JVC family since 2015 after graduating from Dr. Judy’s alma mater, University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. A Southern California native, having grown up in Diamond Bar and completing her bachelor’s at UCSD, Dr. Eiri was excited to welcome back warm winters and find a privately owned animal practice that offered her the ability to continually learn and grow her knowledge and skills, while working alongside a seasoned professional. Although we didn’t harbor any doubts, Dr. Eiri has blossomed into a talented and compassionate veterinarian in her own right and we are extremely fortunate to have found a practitioner of Dr. Eiri’s caliber that wanted to join the team. In his last few working years, Dr. Judy was so impressed with Dr. Eiri, that in the summer of 2018, he offered her the option of purchasing the practice from him so he could retire and spend time with his wife and their many pets at their second home in Nevada. Dr. Eiri continues to carry on Dr. Judy’s legacy and ethos within the San Diego community. In her spare time, she likes to catch up on her favorite reality shows, cook, go rock wall climbing, visit her family, spend time with her husband and daughter, and their fur children, Charlie, a Great Pyrenees, and Marie Potato, a Russian Blue munchkin cat.   



DVM, Associate

Dr. Quines joined our JVC family May 2020 with 37 years of experience. After graduating from De La Salle University in 1983,  he bought and managed an established practice in the San Diego area. After 24 years of practice, he sold his clinic and retired for a short time. He spent a year enjoying his retirement before deciding to return to the work force. He regularly attends seminars and conventions in small animal medicine, surgery and practice management. He is very friendly and enjoys interacting with clients and pets.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 35 years and cat Roly-Poly, golfing, rolling the dice at the casino, and watching movies. 



DVM, Associate

Dr. Holloway grew up in San Diego, California and was happy to return home in October 2022 after receiving her bachelors in Animal Science from the University of California Davis and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts. She is excited to begin her career in veterinary medicine and continue to learn and grow under the mentorship of Dr. Eiri and with the incredible team at Judy Veterinary Clinic. She takes interest in practicing general medicine, performing surgery, and  working with an array of veterinary specialists to provide optimum care to her patients. She also takes special interests in basic animal behavior and safety education for children to teach kids how to care for and treat their family pets. She loves spending time with her friends and family, going to the beach, and taking her sweet mini Aussie, Bailey for new adventures.



Practice Manager

Charlene started her career at Judy Veterinary Clinic in 1987 as a kennel assistant and has worked every job in between until becoming our Practice Manager in 2010. As a child, Charlene knew she wanted a career involving animals. Ever the creative one, she would often get into trouble for using the first aid kit on her dolls, horses, and other animals. She even made her own bandages and casts if she didn’t have the materials she needed. At the age of fourteen, she went to every clinic within biking distance from her home in Lakeside offering to volunteer in exchange for experience. Luckily for us, none of the practitioners at the clinics she visited before meeting Dr. Judy took her up on her offer. In addition to years of on the job experience, she is also an ROP Certified Veterinary Assistant and has attended countless continuing education seminars. Charlene juggles multiple jobs beyond management, ranging from minor construction to IT services to foster mom to the many abandoned kittens that are brought into the clinic. Charlene has hand raised many kittens that have gone on to become companions to several clients over the years. In her spare time, Charlene enjoys home projects with her husband, weekend camping trips to the desert with their family and friends, and vintage vehicles. She has several animals that she has rescued throughout the years - two rambunctious Pugs, Pearl and Barbosa, a sweet and fun black Lab, Pepsi, two cats, Bootstrap Bill and Wilson, and a Tortoise, Stanley. Pidgie, our clinic African Green Parrot, also calls Charlene's home now that she is semi-retired from front office greeting duties. 

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Registered Veterinary Technician, Floor Manager

Rebecca, or Becca as we call her, joined the Judy Vet team in 2013 having five years of experience under her belt. Becca graduated from San Diego State in 2007 with a BA in Classics and had initially planned on obtaining a law degree, but her desire to fully immerse herself in animal care led her to become a licensed Veterinary Technician in 2013 after graduating from San Juan College’s Veterinary Technology program. Her skill level and knowledge are indispensable and she is always willing to share her knowledge and take on any project to help streamline efficiency at the clinic. Her hobbies include gardening, organizing, antiquing, day trips to Disneyland, catching up on her favorite shows, and relaxing with her husband, and her critters - Lily, a very spoiled Pomeranian, and two cats, Emma, an opinionated Snowshoe, and Oliver, a portly ginger.



Veterinary Receptionist 

Cassie started working with us in August of 2018; however, she was a familiar face around here several years ago, working as a kennel assistant. A local to East County, Cassie graduated from El Capital High School with a passion for animals. Having relatives in the veterinary field and a house full of “fur babies” only fueled her desire to work in a way that gives back to the animal kingdom. Cassie spent some time working for a local pet memorial facility, where she was tasked with administrative responsibilities as well as caring for the remains of beloved pets. Wanting a change of pace, she came back to us at the perfect time. In her free time, Cassie can be found taking care of any number of her family’s pets, hiking, camping, treasure hunting at thrift stores, enjoying arts and crafts projects with her son, and enjoying her social, talkative Cockatiel, Fawkes and playful cat Binx.



Veterinary Assistant

Gretel joined our JVC family in 2020. A couple of us, having worked with her previously, finally convinced her to make the switch to our clinic and we couldn't be happier she did. With over a decade of experience, she loves working with all animals but especially pugs, hence her nickname, the Pug Whisperer. On her days off, she enjoys shopping and spending time with husband, two kids and their pets, two pugs, Twister Bug a.ka. Arthur, Ridus a.k.a Boyfriend, and Kit Kat, a kitty that was brought in to our clinic at two days old after being found abandoned.  



Veterinary Assistant

Diane joined our team in 2020. Born and raised in Santee, she grew to love animals at a young age and decided to pursue a career which would enable her to help as many as possible. She followed her passion after school, working as a veterinary assistant for seven years at a small animal clinic before embarking on a career in shelter medicine. Thus, she may be a familiar face to those who have adopted pets though our local shelter - she worked there for 23 years helping pets find their forever home. Diane also oversees our compounding medicine orders. While many human medications can be safely used in pets, compounded medications allow for greater use and customization down to flavor. For this reason, compounded medications require time and attention to detail, of which Diane is well suited for. On her days off, Diane enjoys hiking, shopping, traveling, playing pickle ball, poker with her friends, and spending time with her grandkids and newest addition, Mr, Peabody, an English-American Lab. 

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Veterinary Assistant

Kathy joined the team in October 2022, having started out at another local clinic upon completion of her Veterinary Assistant training at PMI. Originally from Montana, Kathy and her family relocated to Arizona for a time where she worked in hospitality at a local ranch before she moved to San Diego. Once in here, Kathy enrolled in the Veterinary Assistant program at PMI after taking an interest in veterinary medicine. She's currently taking courses in Veterinary Technology so that she can get her RVT license in the future. Outside of work and school, Kathy enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and hanging out with her pet family - Honey a Husky mix, Batsy, a domestic shorthair, Baja Blast, a Betta, and a couple of aquatic snails and cherry shrimps.



Veterinary Assistant

Liz started with us in early 2023. A native San Diegan, Liz's positivity and exuberance for life is evident in all she does. As a curious child, Liz would save small critters including lizards from the threats of outside life and hide them in containers in her room which her mom would then find, much to her surprise. As an adult, she set out on a career path involving animals, graduating from PMI with honors.  While she has worked in research and wildlife and exotics, Liz excels in ensuring each furry family member that walks through our doors is given the VIP treatment they deserve. If your pet leaves with a seasonally themed bandana, Liz was nearby! When not working, Liz enjoys weekend trips to the river or desert, exploring remote places, and spending time with her son, and Australian Cattle mix, Gibbs. 



Veterinary Assistant

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Veterinary Assistant

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Veterinary Receptionist

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TK a.k.a Tube Kitty

The Momma

TK came to us in the spring of 2010, after she was hit by a car and had a fractured jaw. Her jaw was wired by another vet in the area and Dr. Judy and our staff helped her recover by tube feeding her until she healed, hence her name. We all fell in love with her during this process so we decided she would permanently stay with us. She is the oldest and most motherly/loving of all of our clinic cats, often helping us raise and clean orphaned kittens that we may be fostering. TK spends a lot of time lounging in comfortable places around the clinic. She ventures up front from time to time to visit and say hello to clients.



The Cat Boss

Joey started managing our clinic in 2018 and quickly became one of the favorites. You will usually find him roaming around supervising all of the staff, sunbathing, and greeting our clients at the front desk. In his spare time, Joey likes to find plastic materials and other treasures around the clinic to chew on, steal, and hide either in his food bowl or scattered around the clinic for us to find the next morning. He is also working on becoming a professional food taster - many a bag of cat and dog food have been sampled by him when we're not looking. Good news - everything we carry is Joey approved! 

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DAISY a.k.a Chinny Chin

The Shy One

Daisy came to us in the summer of 2018,  having some urinary issues at her previous home and was relinquished to us. She has since recovered from these issues and lives a very comfortable life but is still very shy around people. Though she spends the majority of her time lounging around in our cat room or the staff break room, she ventures out usually in the early morning or late night hours after all is calm and quite in search of kitty go-gurt, booty scratches, and the occasional belly rub. 

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